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Multi 13 November 2021
Posted on 11/13/2021
Group Flight 30 October 2021
Posted on 10/29/2021
Group Flight 9 October 2021
Posted on 10/07/2021

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CVA1769 DE Ryderqp ElidgTN
CVA1768 CA Vern Barton
CVA1767 CA Scott Seitz
CVA1766 CA Greg Burrell
CVA1765 CA Wilf Schwarz
Total Pilots: 408
Total Flights: 28679
Total Routes: 2447
Total Pax Carried: 48644136
Total Hours: 52016:53:18
Total Miles: 18140478
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CVA4433 Miles Tissington (1010) CYUL MDPP 4.1h C-GBHR N/A
Recent Reports
Flight Number Pilot Aircraft Departure Arrival Submit Date Status
CVA4444 Miles Tissington (1010) B737-800 (C-FFWN) KATL CYUL 12/01/2022 Approval Pending
CVA0391 Miles Tissington (1010) B737-800 (C-FFWN) KIAH KATL 11/30/2022 Approval Pending
CVA4423 Miles Tissington (1010) B737-800 (C-FFWN) CYYZ KIAH 11/30/2022 Approval Pending
CVA4824 Pat Leclerc B777-200 (C-FNNH) CYUL EDDF 11/30/2022 Approval Pending
CVA6022 Miles Tissington (1010) B-350 (C-FKLJ) CYLW CYVR 11/29/2022 Approval Pending
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