Flight CVA6234

Flight Details
Gross Revenue:
(44 load / $ 235.00 per unit
$ 10, 340.00
Fuel Cost:
(3769 fuel used @ 1 / unit)
$ 3, 769.00


Commenter Comment
Jeremy Letto Was confused about the approach so was just buzzing around tying to figure out a good LOC Intercept altitude and letting company traffic land ahead of me while waiting for the TWR to contact me, then when i was on final i was called away IRL and thought it was paused but when i came back i was split seconds from touching down to fast with no gear, it happened but was able to get it back up for a go around, then i had a hard landing but i landed but was taxing around due to being unsure of where to go, had to get a progressive Taxi from the TWR. Everyone is still Alive, Vataware link here: http://vataware.com/flight.cfm?id=6366379 CVA Multi Leg 1

Route Map