Flight CVA6035

Flight Details
Gross Revenue:
(8 load / $ 106.25 per unit
$ 850.00
Fuel Cost:
(128.82 fuel used @ 5.1 / unit)
$ 656.98


Commenter Comment
John Szobolodi *** my internet cut-out mid flight but i managed to finish the flght and copy the information from KaCars ***rnrn[02:07] - Beech King Air 350_CVArn[02:07] - Flight CVA6035 is ready to depart CYQQ with a final destination of CYVR.rn[02:07] - Parking Brake Appliedrn[02:07] - Boardingrn[02:08] - Parking Brake Releasedrn[02:08] - Taxiing to Runwayrn[02:09] - Taking Off with 10 passengers on boardrn[02:09] - Take off at 163kts, with a pitch of -3deg and 1385lbs of fuel on boardrn[02:09] - Gear up at 207AGLrn[02:09] - Climbing to TOCrn[02:11] - AutoPilot Engaged at 5026AGLrn[02:14] - TOC reachedrn[02:14] - Cruise startedrn[02:26] - TOD reachedrn[02:26] - Descending to destinationrn[02:27] - Gear down at 8606AGLrn[02:28] - Landing Shortlyrn[02:30] - AutoPilot Disengaged at 2894AGLrn[02:31] - Landed at -187fpm. With 1101lbs of fuel onboard and a pitch angle of 0deg.rn[02:31] - Taxiing to Gatern[02:33] - Parking Brake Appliedrn[02:33] - Arrived safely at CYVR. We hope you enjoyed your flight!rn[02:33] - Beech King Air 350_CVArn[02:33] - MaxSim Rate: 1xrn[02:33] - ver

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