Canadian Virtual Airlines

Canadian Virtual Airlines Past Event

Event: Multi Flight 12 April 2014
Brought to you by Gary Moore
Great Canadian Virtual Floatplane Circuit


(ICAO) (Depart.) (ICAO) (Dest.) (Time ) (Dist. (NM))
3Z9 Haines 5Z1 Juneau Harbor 32 64.3
5Z1 Juneau Harbor 2Z1 Entrance Island 31 61.9
2Z1 Entrance Island 5KE Ketchikan Harbor 69 137.4
5KE Ketchikan Harbor CZSW Prince Rupert/Seal Cove SPB 38 76.8
CZSW Prince Rupert/Seal Cove SPB CAY4 Hartley Bay SPB 33 66.2
CAY4 Hartley Bay SPB CAR9 Bella Bella/Waglisla SPB 43 85.7
CAR9 Bella Bella/Waglisla SPB CAV5 Sullivan Bay SPB 45 90.8
CAV5 Sullivan Bay SPB CAW9 Whaletown SPB 41 82.3
CAW9 Whaletown SPB CYHC Vancouver Harbour water aerodrome 45 90.2
CYHC Vancouver Harbour water aerodrome 0W7 Floathaven 23 45.3
0W7 Floathaven CYWH Victoria Harbour 23 45.4
CYWH Victoria Harbour CAN3 Ucluelet SPB 46 91.4
CAN3 Ucluelet SPB CAW5 Port Hardy SPB 65 130
CAW5 Port Hardy SPB CAQ6 Queen Charlotte City SPB 114 227.6
CAQ6 Queen Charlotte City SPB CBN4 Masset SPB 23 45.5
CBN4 Masset SPB WSB Steamboat Bay 52 104.8
WSB Steamboat Bay PWR Port Walter 31 61.3
PWR Port Walter PEC Pelican 54 108.1
PEC Pelican 2Y3 Yakutat 73 145.2
2Y3 Yakutat 7K2 Skagway 67 134.5

Scheduled Date: 04/13/2014
Scheduled Start Time: (GMT) 0:30
First Leg/Route: 3Z9/5Z1
Second Leg/Route: 5Z1/2Z1
Third Leg/Route: 2Z1/5KE
Fourth Leg/Route: 5KE/CZSW
Fifth Leg/Route: 1

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