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Event: Multi Flight January 4th 2014

Our weekly multi flights for the next three weeks will take place in the Bahamas. Vacationers this time of year have increased the demand for special charters flights to and from island harbors. Our job will be to fill this requirement by flying the following list of locations. Fly them in this order or if your clients need make your flights direct to any location here listed in any order.

Nassau Oceanside Seaplane Dock CSEA 110.50
Paradise Island Seaplane Dock CSEB 110.60
Walkers Cay Seaplane Base CSEC 110.70
Grand Bahamas Seaplane Base CSED 110.80
Treasure Cay Seaplane Base CSEE 110.90
Castaway Cay Seaplane Base CSEF 111.00
Hog Cay Seaplane Base CSEG 111.10
Cutlas Bay Seaplane Base CSEH 111.20
Rum Cay Seaplane Base CSEI 111.30
Deadmans Cay Seaplane Base CSEJ 111.40
Parrot Cay Seaplane Base CSEK 111.50
Pine Cay Seaplane Base CSEL 111.60
Conch Bar Seaplane Base CSEM 111.70
Salt Cay Seaplane Base CSEN 111.80

Things you need to do is start your flight by picking up your seaplane in Miami at X44 Seaplane base. Then fly out to the Bahamas Island. Pictures and screenshots of your travels are welcomed. When finished your tour park your plane back at CVA seaplane base in Miami.

Image[img] ... a5fcd9.png[/img

Also should you want the fictional navigation aids and scenery, go to the link below and download file. Thanks to Chris Carel for this great scenery and work. In the file you will find additional information on the Bahamas tour. ... s-scenery/

[img] ... 1fd137.png[/mg]

Scheduled Date: 01/05/2014
Scheduled Start Time: (GMT) 0:30
First Leg/Route: Bahama's / Charter
Second Leg/Route: see information
Third Leg/Route: none
Fourth Leg/Route: none
Fifth Leg/Route: 1

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