Canadian Virtual Airlines Past Event

Event: Multi Flight April 3, 2013
Description: Shalom and greetings all my pals,

Hope all of you survived very tough Northeast Corridor during last weekend's event and may I congratulate the CVA pilots for successfully maneuvering their planes through thick and heavy Northeast Corridor's traffic!!!

Do all of you know what first week of April means?? It means all snow in Alaska and Canada is melting and grass is growing. You can smell spring air!!!! It also means that all airlines are battling against each other to win special charter contracts ferrying to northern Alaska and northern Canada the oil field and oil rig workers returning to work on oil fields and oil rigs during spring, summer, and fall.

Guess who won the charter contract worth millions millions of dollars??? It is your very own Canadian Virtual airline which mean all of you CVA pilots have to work hard to carry out the contract!!!!

We have signed lucrative charter contract to ferry oil workers and their equipment from PANC Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport located 4 nautical miles southwest of downtown Anchorage, Alaska to PASC Deadhorse Airport located in Deadhorse near Prudhoe Bay on the North Slope of Alaska. Then we will return back to PANC with any broken oil equipment or machines from Deadhorse that need to be repaired in Anchorage. And you can make many round trips as much as you can!!!


The suggested plane will be any cargo plane where oil rig workers can sit with their oil equipment on the floor OR if you have any COMBI plane such as 727-200Combi or 727-100Combi or 737-200/300/400Combi or so on. Yes you can use 757-200F. If you have C-17 Cargomaster or C-130, why not!!!! Remember that when you take off from PANC for flight to PASC, you should have fuel that is enough for ROUND TRIP plus appropriate amount of emergency fuel reserve based on regulations of FAA Federal Aviation Agency. BE CAREFUL Northernmost Arctic areas can play havoc on your instrumental panel's gauges.


For the event starting this Saturday night March 30, 2013 at at 8:30 pm EST or 00:30z (pls check your local time zone) and this Wednesday April 3, 2013 at at 8:30 pm EST or 00:30z (pls check your local time zone), please use the following flights and their waypoints as seen below for those flights. Frank will create new routes on CVA database.


PANC to PASC Deadhorse and its waypoints: TAGER J125 ENN J155 CQR FIPSU T227 SIKLV SHELO

PASC Deadhorse to PANC and its waypoints: PIPET J115 CQR J155 ENN J125 TAGER DCT


Thank you for reading!!! HAVE FUN!!!
Scheduled Date: 04/04/2013
Scheduled Start Time: (GMT) 0:30
First Leg/Route: PANC/PASC/CVA0061
Second Leg/Route: PASC/PANC/CVA0062
Third Leg/Route: None
Fourth Leg/Route: None
Fifth Leg/Route: None

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