Canadian Virtual Airlines Past Event

Event: Multi Event 3 August 2013
This week we will continue the PANAM Charter for our Multi event. As you remember we stopped in Andahuaylas which is about 60nm west of Machu Picchu. Hat is sad is FSX has failed to get this lost city in the scenery, so a flyby is useless. I tried to search for add on but found nothing. If there are some with the ORBX world it would be nice to see some screenshots of the next three legs. This will end our journey in Peru as we head into Chile.


As for equipment I suggest you use your favorite prop aircraft and enjoy the scenery.

The routes are as follows

Scheduled Date: 08/04/2013
Scheduled Start Time: (GMT) 0:30
First Leg/Route: SPHY/SPQU
Second Leg/Route: SPQU/SLLP
Third Leg/Route: SLLP/SPTN
Fourth Leg/Route: NONE
Fifth Leg/Route: 1

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