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Event: Multi Flight May 11, 2013
Well looks bad for the Canucks , four game sweep and now must take a bus back to Vancouver. For this week event we will continue on a forgotten quest to finish the Pan-American Charter AKA (Panam). Information for some of our new members, way back when CVA was young we established charters to add challenges above and beyond our regular route schedule. The Panam charter stretches from PABR Point Barrow Alaska and follows down the pacific coast through a series of 106 lags all the way down to Cap Horn down in South America.


Last year we stop our trip down through the charter for reasons unknown and now that I am doing the planning I want to complete the task. So for this week we will pick up where we left off. Our last stop was in MSLP, El Salvador, San Salvador.

Suggested aircraft for this charter is the CVA Cargo Caribou or similar.

Or Lease the above DC4 from Cal Jordan :wink:

We will start this weeks event in San Salvador and fly to MHTG Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Then we will take off and go to MNMG, Managua, Nicaragua. We will finish off this section of the Panam in, MROC, San Jose, Costa Rica.

This weeks event is and we invite all interested, see you there in El Salvador for leg 69-70-71

Scheduled Date: 05/12/2013
Scheduled Start Time: (GMT) 1:30
First Leg/Route: CVA0072
Second Leg/Route: CVA0073
Third Leg/Route: CVA0074
Fourth Leg/Route: None
Fifth Leg/Route: None

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