Canadian Virtual Airlines Past Event

Event: Multi 12 December 2015
Description: Happy Holidays,

I just got official government letter from Civil Aviation Branch of Transport Canada reminding me that it is time for all Boeing aircrafts currently in service with Canadian Virtual airline's fleet to have periodical maintenance C Check which means we must fly all Boeing planes from Canada to Boeing factory for one week maintenance service!!!!



On Saturday night December 12, 2015 at at 8:30 pm EST or 00:30z (pls check your local time zone), all of you are to pick up your favorite Boeing aircrafts at CYEG Edmonton International Airport located 16 miles southwest of downtown Edmonton and fly to KSEA Seattle–Tacoma International Airport also known as Sea–Tac Airport or Sea–Tac to park your planes there in south ramp area because there is no available parking room in two Boeing factory airports due to overcrowding of parked dead 787s with dead batteries. During one week, Boeing technicians will do maintenance c-checks on our Boeing planes.


If you choose,,, use those specific waypoints, otherwise use your favorite route, in this event so that all of you can enjoy gorgeous and scenic majestic Banff mountain crossing!!!

Edmonton to Seattle: YEG J503 YDC JAKSN

Seattle to Edmonton: YDC J503 YRM ELUNA



Have fun!!!!!

Scheduled Date: 12/13/2015
Scheduled Start Time: (GMT) 0:30
First Leg/Route: CYEG/KSEA
Second Leg/Route: KSEA/CYEG
Third Leg/Route: None
Fourth Leg/Route: None
Fifth Leg/Route: 1

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