CVA Flight Bid Enhanced

News Title CVA Flight Bid Enhanced Posted by Frank Senecal (9214)
News ID 244 Date and Time 2018-04-02 20:52:43

To All Members

As of today we are implementing an enhanced flight bid system. We are trying to promote a more friendly and social way to fly here at CVA.
What we are asking you all to do is enter a departure time when making your flight bid. We all have busy schedule and many of us cannot make a specific multi time. So now by you entering your departure time then other members can now see your intentions and may join in your flight.

Factors to consider,
1. Allow enough time for others to see your intention
2. Fly online (Vatsim)

Should flight bids become outdated they will be deleted

Making a bid is same as before except the last line where departure time needs to be entered in “UTC”