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Multi 13 October 2018
Posted on 10/13/2018
Multi 6 October 2018
Posted on 10/06/2018
Multi 22 September 2018
Posted on 09/22/2018
Total Pilots: 427
Total Flights: 24950
Total Routes: 1980
Total Pax Carried: 48307682
Total Hours: 44719:26:41
Total Miles: 15839551
Aircraft in Service: 26
Flights Today: 0
Pilots Recruitment Status: OPEN
Staff Recruitment Status: CLOSED
Newest Pilots
CVA1623 AR Tomas Amerio
CVA1622 CA Scott Seitz
CVA1620 CA Ekrem Halimic
CVA1619 HK Cameron MacDonald
CVA1618 GB Bobby Nairn
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Top Landings
Pilot Aircraft Arrival L/R Date
Upcoming Departures
Flight Number Pilot Departure Arrival Flight Time Aircraft ETD (UTC)
CVA2421 Cal Jordan (371) TNCM CYHZ 4h C-FFWG N/A
CVA4047 Chuck Dickey (3906) CYXU CYZR 0.5h C-FKLJ N/A
CVA5745 Paul Lavoie (442) TNCM CYQB 3.58h C-FOCA N/A
CVA2213 Norman Murray CYOW CYHZ 1.3h C-FBML N/A
Recent Reports
Flight Number Pilot Aircraft Departure Arrival Submit Date Status
CVA5775 Cal Jordan (371) MD-11 (C-FCAL) TNCA TNCM 10/15/2018 Approval Pending
CVA5774 Cal Jordan (371) MD-11 (C-FCAL) TNCM TNCA 10/15/2018 Approval Pending
CVA5755 Cal Jordan (371) MD-11 (C-FCAL) TJSJ TNCM 10/15/2018 Approval Pending
CVA5613 Paul Lavoie (442) B737-800 (C-FFWN) CYQX CYUL 10/15/2018 Approval Pending
CVA6806 Cal Jordan (371) MD-11 (C-FCAL) CYVR VHHH 10/15/2018 Approval Pending
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