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Multi 26 May 2018
Posted on 05/25/2018
Multi 19 May 2018
Posted on 05/18/2018
Multi 12 May 2018
Posted on 05/12/2018
Total Pilots: 421
Total Flights: 24661
Total Routes: 1974
Total Pax Carried: 48249201
Total Hours: 43963:31:35
Total Miles: 15570924
Aircraft in Service: 26
Flights Today: 1
Pilots Recruitment Status: OPEN
Staff Recruitment Status: CLOSED
Newest Pilots
CVA1616 CA Thomas Barbeiro
CVA1615 UY Jose Luis
CVA1614 NL Steward Airborn
CVA1613 CA Andrew Morris
CVA1612 CA John Szobolodi
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Top Landings
Pilot Aircraft Arrival L/R Date
Upcoming Departures
Flight Number Pilot Departure Arrival Flight Time Aircraft ETD (UTC)
CVA6424 Eugene Graham (077) CYVR CYWG 2.39h C-FCAL 19:10
CVA2010 Rod Thompson (6111) CYHZ CYJT 1.2h C-FACV 9:30
CVA2619 Norman Murray CYHZ KJFK 1.5h C-FOCA N/A
Recent Reports
Flight Number Pilot Aircraft Departure Arrival Submit Date Status
CVA1052 Frank Senecal (9214) B737-800 (C-FFWN) KMSY KPIE 05/28/2018 Accepted
CVA0359 Peter Stuiver (229) B737-800 (C-FFWN) CYYZ KTPA 05/27/2018 Accepted
CVA4010 Paul Lavoie (442) B737-800 (C-FFWN) CYUL CYYY 05/27/2018 Accepted
CVA1052 Eugene Graham (077) B737-800 (C-FFWN) KMSY KPIE 05/27/2018 Accepted
CVA0237 Eugene Graham (077) B737-800 (C-FFWN) KATL KMSY 05/27/2018 Accepted
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