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 Post subject: Level-D 767 Double panel mod (pilot and co-pilot)
PostPosted: Wed Nov 23, 2016 12:26 am 
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This was the solution BEFORE the Steam version was released (taken from an old backup):

1. Open up the panel.cfg which is inside the following FSX folder: /SimObjects/Airplanes/LVLD_B763/Panel.cfg

2. Once you open this file, look for the [Window03] entry and COPY the ENTIRE BLOCK of data that begins with GAUGE.

3. Now look for the [Window02] entry and DELETE all the GAUGE entries and PASTE the data block which you copied from the previous step. I chose [Window02] because it's the FO Overhead panel, which I never use.

4. After copying the data block into the [Window02] entry, make the following changes to it:

size_mm=1280, 680

5. Save the file and run FSX.

6. Once inside the Level-D cockpit, click Shift-3 and now instead of seeing the FO Overhead panel, you will see the FO Panel.

NOTE: If this solution no longer works, try the Steam Edition solution below, that should work.

For FSX Steam Edition:

Go to this folder Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes\LVLD_B763\Panel

Add this at the bottom of Window Titles:
window11=Boeing 767 Dockable Upper Panel First Officer

Add this after Window10:
size_mm=1280, 680

gauge00=LVLD\B767main!lightFO, 0, 0
gauge01=LVLD\B767Afds!MCP, -41, 0
gauge02=LVLD\B767Afds!Nav2, 546, 0
gauge03=LVLD\B767Afds!Autoland, 578, 194
gauge04=LVLD\B767Afds!MasterSwitch, 757, 37
gauge05=LVLD\B767Afds!AltAlert, 1144, 225
gauge06=LVLD\B767Afds!InstrSelectFO, 1200, 398
gauge07=LVLD\B767Afds!GASwitch, 165, 632
gauge08=LVLD\B767Afds!FOSwitch, 195, 632
gauge09=LVLD\B767Afds!GearFO, 282, 273
gauge10=LVLD\B767Afds!FOBrakePress, 504, 200
gauge11=LVLD\B767main!hdg, 267, 166
gauge12=LVLD\B767main!airspeedR, 555, 264, 168
gauge13=LVLD\B767main!altimeterR,1028, 221, 148
gauge14=LVLD\B767main!vsiR, 1032, 380, 136
gauge15=LVLD\B767main!rmiR, 547, 444, 176
gauge16=LVLD\B767main!clockR, 1022, 528, 146
gauge17=LVLD\B767eadi!EADI, 766, 172, 221,, FO
gauge18=LVLD\B767ehsi!EHSI, 764, 408, 227,, FO
gauge19=LVLD\B767eicas!EICAS, 22, 180, 225,, FO
gauge20=LVLD\B767leicas!LEICAS, 22, 409, 225,, FO
gauge21=LVLD\B767main!ecuR, 270, 622, 146
gauge22=LVLD\B767main!ESW, 15, 629, 150
gauge23=LVLD\B767main!TRP2, 275, 224


I don't have my monitors side-by-side so the alignment is off, and I haven't bothered to tweak the panel positions yet.

For those that don't have the LDS767, why bother doing this? There are controls near the landing gear that are only accessible from the first officer panel.

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