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 Post subject: CVA Liveries's Painting Error That Needs To Be Corrected
PostPosted: Sat Apr 13, 2013 9:09 pm 
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Shalom and greetings all my pals,

There are two painting errors on CVA livery for POSKY Boeing 747-200 passenger plane version four that needs (meant to say; would it be possible for this) to be corrected. Would anybody please be kind enough to fix those two errors so that I can enjoy flying this plane please?

Here is error one as seen on this screenshot:


( Also meant to say that I unfortunatly am not a painter but from what I understand) This error is common error by painters who forget to paint the spot. Let me illustrate the example of the area spot that many painters forget to paint as seen below where you can see the spot encircled with red circle:


And look at other painters who did correct job painting the specific spot as seen on this example so that you can compare between those two paintings to see difference:


Now what is needed is to have our super CVA livery painters when they find time to correct the mistake by painting the specific missing spot so that it will look correct like you see on Eastern livery. I would appreciate this very much.
That is error number one.

The second error is the tail paint. The tail paint with CVA logo is jagged as seen below:


I have another CVA cargo plane with POSKY 747-200F that has PERFECT sharp tail paint without without jagged problem.

Can the management please be kind enough to fix the jagged problem of CVA logo on the tail for the CVA passenger version of POSKY 747-200?

Thanks for any kind help that any of you might provide.



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 Post subject: Re: CVA Liveries's Painting Error That Needs To Be Corrected
PostPosted: Sun Apr 14, 2013 12:20 am 
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Hi Aharon,
I'm not sure who painted this particular model, though it looks like Cal's work to me and after painting a few planes myself I'd point out that it is an exceptional paint job. the "jagged" you refer to in the tail section is mostly I believe in the CVA logo "white circle"? And anyone who works with a graphics editor would know that a circle is the hardest thing to anti-alias, so I believe the "jagged" is not from the painter but a design flaw from incorporating a circle into the logo. Like I said it looks like Cal's work or someone who likes Cal's work and imitated his style. I know I like Cal's work and try to imitate it myself.
Anyways, I digress. Perhaps you should try googling "Net forums etiquette" or "Netiquette". Shame on you! whoever painted this obviously spent hours of their time FREELY in an act of dedication to this VA and does not deserve to be publicly shamed because they missed something in the paint that no one else will PRIVATELY email them about.

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