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 Post subject: Re: setting up second computer to use with fsx
PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2013 1:55 am 
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CVA1175 wrote:

I have an old laptop which I am now using for maps and other stuff while the main computer is for FSX. I have now set up FSInn and Copilot also on the laptop. The two computers are connected via Netgear wireless router which connects to another router and to the internet. Everything works great.

There is a neat little program - The Input Director - which allows the use of one mouse and one keyboard for both computers. I have an extra lcd display connected to the laptop, which sits next to the 'master' 27 inch screen. When I move the mouse to the 'slave' screen it automatically switches the keyboard and mouse connection to the laptop computer. No need to reach out to the laptop to type in something. Awesome :o :o .

The last day of my summer vacation is ending :cry: - back to the office tomorrow morning.


Hi Jaakko,
I've been using Input director (ID) for 3 or 4 years as well! Great program and Shane is a great guy when it comes to support! I've got 3 computers on a (very big) desktop two of which have dual monitors and ID seamlessly lets me mouse between all five monitors and even lets me copy from one computer and paste to either of the other two. I highly recommend it.
I have another program called HidMacros which allows me to set up macros and such for FSX, the program recognizes each (USB) keyboard on a computer and treats them as separate entities. In combination with ID I can use one keyboard as a normal keyboard and punch in simconnect commands on the "slave" computers keyboard. If you are a "human interface" freak like me I'd give it a whirl as well :)


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